2018-2019 USAC Members

The Ohio State University USAC group photographed Wednesday, July 11, 2018 at the Fawcett Center in Columbus, Ohio. (© James D. DeCamp | | 614-367-6366)

2018-2019 Executive Team

Thomas Gessells, Chair

3rd Year Member
Director, Information Technology, The Ohio State University Health Plan

Andrew Jordan, Chair-Elect

3rd Year Member
Adventure Recreation Center Coordinator, Department of Recreational Sports

Chrissy Sprouse, Vice-Chair Secretary/Treasurer

2nd Year Member
Lead Human Resource Specialist, Office of Academic Affairs HR Service Center

Timothy Lombardo, Vice-Chair Communications

2nd Year Member
Instrutional Designer, Office of Distance Education & eLearning

2018-2019 Subcommittee Chairs and Vice Chairs


Lisa Mayhugh, Governance Chair

3rd Year Member
Associate Director, Clinical Skills, College of Medicine

Sunny Zong, Governance Vice-Chair

2nd Year Member
Sr Sponsored Program Officer, College of Engineering

Inclusive Excellence

Cesar Seguil, Inclusive Excellence Chair

3rd Year Member
Administrator of Academic Affairs, College of Pharmacy

Twhila Holley, Inclusive Excellence Vice-Chair

2nd Year Member
Coordinator, Student Services, Fisher College of Business

Outreach & Engagement

Kris Villilo, Outreach & Engagement Chair

3rd Year Member
Director Member Relations, Student Life/Recreational Sports

Abby Whaley, Outreach & Engagement Vice-Chair

2nd Year Member
Assistant Director RPAC Facility Operations, Student Life/Recreational Sports

Staff Benefits and Compensation

Megan Hasting, Staff Benefits and Compensation Chair

3rd Year Member
Assistant Director, CLAS, Office of International Affairs

Courtney Sanders, Staff Benefits and Compensation Vice-Chair

2nd Year Member
Graduate Program and Chair Coordinator, Political Science

2018-2019 Members

Ferdinand Avila-Medina, Member

1st Year Member
Learning Specialist, Newark Campus/Center for Student Success

Steven Blalock, Member

1st Year Member
IA Scholars Planning Specialist, College of Arts and Sciences Scholars Program

Christine Benadum, Member

2nd Year Member
Assoc. Director, Special Events for Advancement & Stewardship, Fisher College of Business

Kate Blevins, Member

1st Year Member
HR/Admin Manager, Ohio State Wexner Medical Center/Information Technology Shared Services

Morgan Buckner, Member

2nd Year Member
Executive Assistant to the Director, James Cancer Center

Stacey Copley, Member

2nd Year Member
Training Coordinator, Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center

Ginny Corso, Member

3rd Year Member
Academic Advisor/Program Coordinator, Mansfield Campus

Brittany Crall, Member

1st Year Member
Business Manager 2, Ohio Union, Student Activity, Services & Programs, T-L Student Organization Support

Melanie DiFeo, Member

3rd Year Member
Sr. Director, Marketing & Communications, Fisher College of Business – Communications & Marketing

Lauren Gannon Evans, Member

1st Year Member
Associate Relationship Manager, Office of the Chief Information Officer

Kaitlin Hohenberger, Member

2nd Year Member
Career Counselor, College of Engineering

Steven Loborec, Member

1st Year Member
Assistant Director-Pharmacy, Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center

Aaron Moore, Member

2nd Year Member
Program Coordinator, Administration and Planning

Sandy Otis, Member

1st Year Member
Analyst, Office of Business and Finance Asset Management

Brittany Savko, Member

1st Year Member
Program Manager, Student-Athlete Support Services Office

Shea Ryan, Member

1st Year Member
Coordinator of Recreational Sports, Recreational Sports Facilities Operations

Katie Watkins, Member

1st Year Member
Manager of Undergraduate Programs, College of Pharmacy

Ex-Officio Members

Tracey Pawlowski, Ex-Officio

Project Manager, Office of Human Resources