Health & Wellness Taskforce

Check out Ohio State’s 2016-2019 Wellness Strategic Plan 

The 2016-2017 USAC Chair appointed a Health and Wellness (H&W) Taskforce for the year. It served as a branch of the Staff Compensation and Benefits Subcommittee and was comprised of five members from the Wexner Medical Center, OSU’s Health Plan, Student Life Administration, Recreational Sports, and the Student Wellness Center. The taskforce was co-chaired by Marisha Goldsmith and Nikole Prete who worked alongside members Tom Gessells, Kris Myers and Julie Hannahs.

Goals for the H&W Taskforce were to discover and develop connections with Health and Wellness leaders, establish an ongoing conversation and relationship with them that will continue into the future, and bring awareness to less talked about components of health and wellness in particular emotional/mental and financial health.

The key group met with the One University Health and Wellness Council (OUHWC), a council comprised of stakeholders from across the university. OUHWC familiarized the taskforce with the Health and Wellness Strategic Plan which provided a framework for the H&W Taskforce to align with. Under the OUHWC, a Faculty and Staff Sub-council was created to identify and develop creative ways to engage with faculty and staff. In the yearly report, the taskforce recommended that USAC continue to have representation on this sub-council moving forward.

Communication with the health and wellness stakeholders led to opportunities for USAC to promote health and wellness initiatives and host multiple REACH trainings on suicide prevention ( for USAC committee members and alumni, staff, and local Staff Advisory Committee (SAC) members.

The taskforce re-aligned into the Staff Compensation and Benefits Sub-committee for the 2017-2018 term. In an effort to continue the work of the taskforce, SCBS has created a health and wellness lead to continue networking with Health and Wellness leaders, promote emotional, mental and financial health programs available to staff, and record best practices and opportunities for the coming years.