Inclusive Excellence Subcommittee

Purpose: The Inclusive Excellence (IE) Subcommittee exists to both promote inclusive excellence within USAC by integrating deliberate efforts and executing practices that support a more equitable and inclusive culture, and to establish partnerships across campus to promote equitable and inclusive initiatives that will enhance the staff experience.

History: Initially formed in support of President Drake’s 2020 vision, USAC first established the Diversity and Inclusion Task Force in 2016 to examine staff diversity and models of inclusion at Ohio State. Through the task force’s efforts to examine existing practices and develop new initiatives, programming, and opportunities for staff to engage on topics of diversity and inclusion, we’ve learned that the campus climate is particularly complex. In the March 14, 2018 business meeting, USAC members voted to create the Inclusive Excellence (IE) Sub-Committee to establish our commitment and dedication to staff diversity and inclusion within USAC, rather than living as a temporary effort by a task force that’s appointed by the USAC Chair on a yearly basis. This subcommittee, in turn, will also instill inclusive excellence into our own culture and practices, which we as a committee can promote to all staff at the university. The addition of this subcommittee took effect on July 1, 2018.

Committee Members                              


Courtney Gandy – – Office of Diversity and Inclusion


Shelby Dawkins – – Health System – James Cancer Hospital

  • Tracey Boggs – – Health System Shared Services
  • Pasha Sergeev – – Office of Student Life
  • Patrick Weeks – – OSU Wexner Medical Center – Supply Chain
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