Staff Affairs

The Staff Affairs (SA) Subcommittee is responsible for engaging with policies and university initiatives and promoting equity for staff. Members of SA include, Stacey Houser, Chair, Tina Bogac, Vice-Chair, Margaret Nevrekar, Allison Jones, Kynthia Droesch, Faith Kline, Anna Casado, and Justin Lahmers. The top priorities for 2021-22 include the Staff Recognition Program/Staff Spotlight, Flex Work Policy, Pay Equity, Retention/Turnover, and Winter Recess Initiative. The Winter Recess Initiative was presented to leadership in 2020. The initiative was not considered for Winter 2020 due to the transition to remote work and implementation of Workday. The Staff Affairs Subcommittee is keeping the topic in the forefront of conversations to keep the initiative moving forward. In February of 2021, Tina Bogac and Sandy Otis spearheaded the university-wide staff recognition program with a goal of highlighting employees that strive to bring out OSU best practices in others, excels as an individual employee and team player, and makes an impact in the OSU community. Each month up to two individuals are selected after a review conducted by the Staff Affairs Sub-committee. Selected staff members are highlighted in the USAC Newsletter, social media, and OnCampus emails. With the onset of COVID and the transition to remote work, the University’s Flex Work Policy has become a topic of interest at OSU. Staff Affairs is meeting with representatives of Human Resources to review how information related to the topic is disseminated and if USAC can assist in socializing the policy. It has been a busy and productive year so far and the sub-committee is looking forward to the work ahead!

Committee Members



Stacey Houser – – Business & Finance – Risk & Insurance


Tina Bogac – – Administration & Planning

  • Ana Casado – – College of Engineering
  • Kynthia Droesch – – College of Public Health
  • Allison Jones – – Fisher College of Business
  • Faith Kline – – Health Sciences
  • Justin Lahmers – – Office of Research
  • Margaret Nevrekar – – Office of Student Academic Success


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