USAC Members - Cloned

Executive Committee

picture of Deborah Pond
Director, Center for Faculty Advancement, Mentoring and Engagement (FAME)
picture of Shelby Dawkins
Chair Elect
Outreach Relations Manager, James Center for Cancer Health Equity, OSUWMC
Picture of Kari Fox
Vice Chair - Communications
Associate Brand Strategy Director, Office of Marketing and Communications
Picture of Ashley VanHesteren
Vice Chair Secretary/Treasurer
Upward Bound Program Assistant, Office of Diversity & Inclusion, Mansfield

Governance Committee

picture of Casey Henceroth
Chair - Governance Committee
Director, Physician Scientist Education & Training, College of Medicine
picture of Jason Homan
Governance Committee Member
Event Manager, Office of Academic Affairs
Picture of Jennifer Elliot
Governance Committee Member
Senior Privacy Officer, Office Technology and Digital Innovation
picture of Theresa R. Hazelwood
Vice-Chair Inclusive Excellence
MSW Program Director, College of Social Work
picture of Karie Kennedy
Vice Chair - Governance Committee
Senior Compliance Specialist, Conflict of Interest - Office of Research Compliance

Inclusive Excellence Committee

picture of Courtney Gandy
Chair of Inclusive Excellence
Program Coordinator, Office of Diversity & Inclusion
Picture of Tracey Boggs
Chair Inclusive Excellence
HR DEI Consultant, Wexner Medical Center
Picture of Trisha Ritter
Inclusive Excellence Committee Member
Senior Academic Advisor, College of Public Health
picture of Daniel Rodriguez
Inclusive Excellence Committee Member
Regional Engagement Officer, OSU Alumni Association
picture of Leo Taylor
Outreach & Engagement Committee Member
Program Manager for Faculty and Staff Affairs, College of Food, Agriculture and Environmental Services
picture of Patrick Weeks
Inclusive Excellence Committee Member
Associate Medical Center Buyer, Wexner Medical Center

Outreach & Engagement Committee

Picture of Annabell Kinsel
Chair - Outreach & Engagement
Advancement Event Manager, John Glenn College of Public Affairs
picture of Elizabeth Hoskett
Vice Chair of Outreach & Engagement
Business Manager I, Wexner Medical Revenue Cycle
picture of Mallory Allen
Outreach & Engagement Committee Member
Clinical Value Stream Leader, Supply Chain Management - Wexner Medical Center
Picture of Amy Jo Baughman
Staff Affairs Committee Member
Director of Alumni Engagement in the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences
Picture of Laura Goodrich
Outreach & Engagement Committee Member
Speech Language Pathologist, Wexner Medical Center, Acute Care Rehab
Picture of Tiffany Halsell
Outreach & Engagement Committee Member
DEI Multicultural Student Initiatives Director, College of Food, Agrictulture & Environmental Science
Picture of Shannon Hand
Vice-Chair - Outreach & Engagement
Clinic Office Manager, OSU Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic

Staff Affairs Committee

Picture of Tina Bogac
Chair of Staff Affairs
Senior Director, Office of Environmental Health & Safety
picture of Kynthia Droesch
Vice Chair of Staff Affairs Committee
Senior Director, Academic Programs and Student Services, College of Public Health
Picture of Ana Casado
Staff Affairs Committee Member
Graduate Program Coordinator & Grants Coordinator, Department of Engineering Education
Picture of Ivana Grozdic
Vice-Chair - Staff Affairs
VPH Program Coordinator, College of Veterinary Medicine
Picture of Justin Lahmers
Staff Affairs Committee Member
Quality Improvement Specialist, Office of Research’s Animal Care and Use Program
picture of Margaret Nevrkar
Chair - Staff Affairs Committee
Academic Advisor, University Exploration

Ex-Officio Liaison to OHR

Employee & Labor Relations Consultant
Office of Human Resources, Ohio State University