Staff Career Development Grants

Staff Career Development Grant–Applications will be accepted January 1 – January 31, 2019. 

The Staff Career Development Grant provides staff with an opportunity to further their growth and development. Eligible staff can apply for a Staff Career Development Grant of up to $1,250 for individuals or $1,750 for groups of 2-10 and $2,000 for groups of 11 or more. Grants can be used for professional development, education or training costs related to job and/or career goals.

How to Apply

All applicants are encouraged to review the rubricPDF file, prior to completing the application.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to have the following items on hand when filling out your online application:

  • Your name.# and/or employee ID.
  • Dates of the professional development opportunity for which you are requesting funds.
  • Your proposal – you may type your proposal in the box provided or attach/upload it as a file in the supporting document section.
  • If you are applying for a group grant, have all group member’s name.#s and/or employee IDs – you may also attach this as a supporting document file.
  • If you are using department funds and will be requesting your department be reimbursed, you will need your fiscal person’s name.# and/or employee ID.
  • Itemized budget information with supporting documentation for each budget item
  • Supporting document files ready to attach/upload. Be sure to include supporting documentation of all budget items. Your documentation can be combined into one file or added as separate files (no more than 8 files). Supporting documentation might include the following: invoices, class schedules, price quotes, airfare and lodging estimates, conference details and more.
  • Your manager’s name.# and/or employee ID (your manager will be copied in your award notification, only if you are planning to use department funds).

The Staff Career Development Grant Program is administered by The Office of Human Resources in partnership with the University Staff Advisory Committee (USAC).

Employee Resource Groups

Did you know…? Employee Resource Groups are a great way to foster diversity and inclusion.

The University Staff Advisory Committee (USAC) and Office of Human Resources (OHR) are looking for Employee Resource Groups or Employee Networking Groups that operate on campus. Not familiar with this term? Employee resource groups (also known as ERGs, affinity groups, or business network groups) are groups of employees who join together in their workplace or university based on shared characteristics or life experiences. ERGs are generally based on providing support, enhancing career development, and contributing to personal development in the work environment.

If you currently lead or are a member of an ERG, we would like to connect with you! Please complete the brief survey and we will reach out in the near future to learn more.

If you have questions, concerns, or feedback regarding ERGs or this survey, please contact Nina Brooks (, OHR – Diversity and Inclusion – Learning & Development Consultant, or call her office at 614-292-8368. You may also contact USAC at

USAC Wants to Hear from You

The University is entering a pivotal time of change over the next 1-2 years in regards to the Enterprise Project, HR Transformation to include Career Roadmap.  USAC’s goal is to enhance engagement and communication with the University community by providing a platform in which staff can raise, discuss and ask questions in order to be best prepared for change. We would like to hear from you on your thoughts of how we can be successful in this mission in helping staff.  If you have any ideas or thoughts, please contact USAC at  We would love to hear from you.