USAC Members

Executive Subcommittee

Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness Consultant, Wexner Medical Center
Associate Director - College of Medicine | Catalyst
Vice-Chair - Communications
Assistant Director of Research Services for the College of Arts & Sciences
Vice Chair - Secretary/Treasurer
Senior Director, Ticketing Services - Ticket Office/Athletics

Governance Subcommittee

Chair - Governance Subcommittee
Senior Compliance Specialist, Conflict of Interest - Office of Research Compliance
Vice Chair - Governance Subcommittee
Employee Admin Coordinator, Office of Human Resources
Governance Subcommittee Member
Regulatory Program Manager, Health Sciences - Center for Clinical & Translational Sciences
Governance Subcommittee Member
Facility Specialist, College of Public Health
Governance Subcommittee Member
Upward Bound Program Assistant, Office of Diversity & Inclusion, Mansfield

Inclusive Excellence Subcommittee

Chair - Inclusive Excellence Subcommittee
MSW Program Director, College of Social Work
Vice Chair - Inclusive Excellence Subcommittee
Curriculum Project Manager, College of Pharmacy
Inclusive Excellence Committee Member
Research Scientist, College of Medicine - Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences
Inclusive Excellence Subcommittee Member
Physical Therapist - OSU Wexner Medical Center | BSH Rehab Services
Inclusive Excellence Subcommittee Member
Senior Financial Analyst, Clinical Research Finance and Compliance - The James Comprehensive Cancer Center

Outreach & Engagement Subcommittee

Co-Chair - Outreach & Engagement Subcommittee
Clinic Office Manager, OSU Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic
Co-Chair - Outreach & Engagement Subcommittee
Director of Operations, Ambulatory Services | Dublin Administration
Outreach & Engagement Subcommittee Member
Speech Language Pathologist, Wexner Medical Center, Acute Care Rehab
Outreach & Engagement Subcommittee Member
College of Food, Agriculture & Environmental Science
Outreach & Engagement Subcommittee Member
Assistant Dean, College of Engineering

Staff Affairs Subcommittee

Chair - Staff Affairs Subcommittee
Assistant Director of Research and Graduate Studies, College of Veterinary Medicine
Vice Chair - Staff Affairs Subcommittee
Senior Quality Manager, Clinical Process Improvement - Wexner Medical Center
Staff Affairs Subcommittee Member
Program Manager for Faculty and Staff Affairs, College of Food, Agriculture and Environmental Services

Ex-Officio Liaison to OHR

Employee & Labor Relations Consultant
Office of Human Resources, Ohio State University