February Spotlight Winner, Kelly Crum

Kelly Crum, she/her/hers


What is your official job title at Ohio State? Coordinator of Financial Aid

What department / college / unit do you work in?  Office of Enrollment Services / The Ohio State University at Marion

How long have you worked at OSU?  13 years

In your own words, describe your job here at Ohio State.  I support Ohio State Marion students and their families in navigating the financial aid process through presentations, appointments, and various types of personal communications. I represent financial aid at student orientation, campus visit days, on campus committees, etc.. I also oversee the application and awarding processes for Ohio State Marion scholarships. 

What do you love most about Ohio State?  The ‘Culture of Caring’ philosophy we work by here at Ohio State Marion. This message weaves into all our work with students and each other. I love working for a unit that intentionally promotes self-care and where we can assume positive intent and grant grace with our colleagues.

What is your favorite memory as a staff member at Ohio State?  Watching graduates process into the ‘Shoe for spring commencement with Pomp and Circumstance playing in the background.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?   Spending time with family, including my dog, Carmen. I love going to musicals, concerts, and movies and listening to books on Audible. Mostly, it’s whatever my kids get me into!

What is something that most people don’t know about you?   I play the saxophone and I met my husband when we both performed in the Clintonville Community Band.

What is your favorite quote, TV show, movie, or book?   Hallmark movies. I love them all!


Nominator’s Remarks:

Kelly Crum has worked for Ohio State almost her entire career. She is a true Buckeye! She has worked on multiple campuses and in multiple departments, but her passion and goal has always been helping students. Financial aid is a tricky area, where there can be tough conversations, pretty strict rules, and major consequences to the student if things don't work out. What I admire most is the ability to calmly listen to a student's situation and advocate when necessary for that student in any area that they need.  We throw a lot at new students, and for many this is the first experience navigating a financial decision of this size. Kelly led the enrollment services team the last two years in implementing check ins with each new incoming students on the Marion campus. While conducting the check ins was a team effort, the prep work was large but so worth it: I can already see in conversations with returning students that they understand their aid, to do list items, and tuition better. When they understand those things better, they can focus on other things, like doing well academically and finding their community, which will make a lasting impact on them and our university.”