Learn more about Mackenzie Hogan

February Staff Spotlight Winner - Mackenzie Hogan

What is your official job title at Ohio State?  Wellness Coordinator, Collegiate Recovery Community

What department / college / unit do you work in? Student Life, Student Wellness Center

How long have you worked at OSU? Started when I graduated from OSU in 2015, but I have been in this role since 2019!

In your own words, describe your job here at Ohio State.  I get the great privilege of supporting students who are in or seeking recovery from substance misuse while they navigate being a student – this happens through coaching conversations, connecting to resources, building community and more. College can be an environment traditionally associated with heavy substance use, and being a young person who is choosing to make healthier decisions can be difficult. The Collegiate Recovery Community is a peer driven program that provides a space, fellowship, and support from staff to create and maintain goals that help students thrive in their recovery.

What do you love most about Ohio State? In any role I have had at Ohio State, I have been surrounded by deeply passionate people who care about the success of students and the mission of our institution.

What is your favorite memory as a staff member at Ohio State? One of my favorite traditions these days is our CRC graduation dinner that happens every December. Being able to celebrate such a huge milestone in a student’s life, especially when at one point graduation may have felt like an impossible dream, is so meaningful. Plus, many of our alumni come back and join us so it’s a great reunion!

What do you enjoy doing outside of work? I enjoy exploring Metroparks with my dog, playing in my garden when the weather is nice, reading and playing board games. 

What is something that most people don’t know about you? This is tough! I would say that I came to Ohio State wanting to be a veterinarian. I quickly learned that wasn’t my path, so instead I am going into my 4th year as a volunteer at the Columbus Zoo – you can find me many weekends feeding giraffes or hanging out in the aviary.

What is your favorite quote, TV show, movie, or book? I am a huge reader and my last five star read was The Frozen River by Ariel Lawhon.

Preferred pronouns:  she/her/hers