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BuckeyeLearn is a university-wide online training tool, allowing learning and training opportunities to be easily accessed by the university community of faculty, staff and student employees. Check out the following in person and online classes offered by the Office of Human Resources in Buckeye Learn.

Discount Programs (Health and Wellness)

Discounted products and services are offered to Ohio State’s faculty and staff by a wide variety of vendors. From new automobile purchases to mobile phone services, being a Buckeye can help you save money. Including YP4H Gym and Yoga Discounts

Contact: Additional Benefits at the bottom of the webpage, then click Discount Programs. You will need your name.# credentials to log-in.

Diversity and Inclusion

 Ohio State strives to be a model for inclusive excellence. We value diversity, the range of differences that make each of us unique. We foster inclusion, an environment in which all individuals feel engaged, respected, valued and connected, and in which individuals feel comfortable bringing their unique ideas, backgrounds and perspectives to their work in support of Ohio State’s mission.

Openness to diversity provides optimal access to talented students, faculty and staff. Inclusion ensures we fully engage and leverage that talent.

BuckeyeLearn Courses:

Contact: Learning and Development Suite 410 | 1590 North High Street | Columbus, Ohio 43201 Phone: 614-292-2800

Health Athlete Program

The Health Athlete initiative, comprised of the Nurse Athlete and Health Athlete programs, is designed for professionals from all health disciplines and highlights ways to refocus and reenergize one’s personal and professional life. The program is derived from “The Corporate Athlete” programdeveloped by psychologists Dr. Jim Loehr and Dr. Jack Groppel during their work with elite Olympic athletes to improve performance.

The program emphasizes energy management through a comprehensive examination of goals and values in relation to one’s spiritual (purpose), mental, emotional and physical development. The approach uses the power of one’s story, what individuals tell themselves about who they are and the reasons why their circumstances are what they are, to affect behavior change. After assessment, participants learn about how to better manage their energy through simple techniques, exercise and nutrition management. We expect that individuals who attend the “Health Athlete” workshop will increase their beliefs and confidence in their ability to engage in healthy lifestyle behaviors that will, in turn, improve their health outcomes.

Contact: Dr. David Hrabe, Executive Director, at 614.398.6607 | Email:

Hidden Benefits Programs

 Browse the comprehensive suite of benefits offered to Ohio State employees

Contact e-mail:

 IMPACT Solutions Employee Assistance & Work/Life Program (EAP)

 Username “buckeyes”

Career Counseling & Support: conflict resolution, couples counseling, interpersonal skill development, developing resiliency in the workplace, stress management, dealing with grief and change, advice on mental health and substance abuse issues, stress awareness and reduction, anger management.

 Contact: Phone: 614-292-3439 (800-678-6413) | 700 Ackerman Rd., Suite 440 Columbus, OH 43202

Office of Diversity & Inclusion

Health and Wellness Flextime Policy for the ODI and O&E employees:

Contact: Phone: 614-292-0964 | Email:

Occupational Health Program

 Participation in the Occupational Health Program is mandatory for all staff, employees, students and volunteers who handle animals or animal tissues used in research at the university.

OSU Health Plan

OSU Health Plan provides biometric health screenings, 10-minute chair massage, educational programs, health coaching, care coordination services, 24/7 nurse line, Buckeye Baby Program, weight watchers, etc. Call customer service number or login to with name.# to schedule sessions.

Contact: Phone: 614-292-4700 Mon. – Fri., 7:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. | 700 Ackerman Rd Columbus, OH.  No cost to OSUHP members (except for WW)

Professional and Career Development

Professional and Career Development: Enhance your skills for your current role and further foster your career through experiences, exposure and structured learning.

Contact: Learning and Development Suite 410 | 1590 North High Street | Columbus, Ohio 43201 Phone: 614-292-2800

REACH Suicide Prevention

REACH is the OSU Suicide Prevention training program designed to help the OSU community prevent suicide by teaching faculty, staff and students how to: Recognize warning signs, Engage with empathy, Ask directly about suicide, communicate hope, help suicidal individual to access care and treatment.

Contact: Phone: 614.688.5829 | E-mail:


Are you thriving?  Are you inspired?  Are you receiving the support you need to achieve your personal and professional goals?  Self-development is an important part of this process.  Examining your own self-development is both worthwhile and important.  This section gives you the tools you need to think about your own personal and professional journey, while reflecting upon what you need to truly succeed.

Contact: Learning and Development Suite 410 | 1590 North High Street | Columbus, Ohio 43201 Phone: 614-292-2800

University Health Services

University Health Connection, a branch of University Health Services, offers walk-in and call-ahead urgent care services, as well as routine medical exams, preventative care, and health care education by appointment.

Services: Urgent Care, ER Follow up, Primary Care, Bridge/Transitional Care, Pharmacy Services, Biometric Health Screenings, Nursing Services, EAP Entry Point, Health Benefits Education, Wellness and Prevention Services

Contact: Phone: 614-293-8146

  • Same Day Urgent Care Call-Ahead: 7:30 a.m. – 4 p.m. Mon. – Fri.
  • Urgent Care: 8:30 a.m. – 3:50 p.m. Mon. – Fri.  or until daily capacity is met.

Student Life Disability Services

Student Life Disability Services collaborates with and empowers students who have disabilities in order to coordinate support services and programs that enable equal access to an education and university life.

Student Life Recreational Sports

Programs and services range from group fitness, aquatics, adventure trips, climbing, drop-in fitness and recreation, intramural sports, sport clubs, personal training, and disc golf as well as many other activities. Enhanced by its award-winning indoor and outdoor facilities, including six indoor locations and more than 90 acres of outdoor space.

As a member, you will have access to state-of-the-art cardiovascular and weight equipment by the best fitness companies, group exercise spaces which will offer a wide range of classes and times, water exercise, dedicated lap pool, free weight area, and locker rooms with available towel service. We also offer other services including free family hours, personal trainers, grab-and-go food and beverage items, and Kids Zone with drop-off child care for families with children.

Faculty & Staff – $40.90 per month on annual basis; limited daytime memberships available $32.50 per month (limited hours M-F)

Contact: Phone: 614-292-7671


  • Recreation & Physical Activity Center (RPAC) – 337 Annie & John Glenn Ave.
  • Adventure Recreation Center (ARC) –  855 Woody Hayes Dr.
  • Jesse Owens North (JON) – 2151 Neil Ave.
  • Jesse Owens South (JOS) – 175 W. 11th
  • Jesse Owens West Tennis Center – 1031 Carmack Rd.
  • New North Recreation Center (NRC) – 149 W. Lane Ave.


Wilce Student Health Center

To provide accessible, high-quality health services to support academic success and co-curricular engagement.

Contact: Phone: (614) 292-0110 | Email: or |1875 Millikin Rd. Columbus, OH 43210-2200


Wellness Innovator Program

Buckeye Wellness Innovators are university and medical center faculty and staff who have a special interest in facilitating an innovative culture and environment of wellness in their college, unit, or medical center department. Buckeye Wellness Innovators champion university-wide wellness initiatives in their departments and advance the One University Health and Wellness strategic plan by: communicating health and wellness activities with their colleagues; encouraging and motivating faculty and staff participation; planning and conducting wellness activities, and working collaboratively with OSU’s Chief Wellness Officer Bernadette Melnyk and her wellness team, Your Plan for Health, and the OSU Health Plan to promote health and wellness in their units.

Contact: Megan Amaya:


Your Plan for Health

Personal Health Assessment, H&W challenges & staff incentives, tobacco cessation, gym discounts, healthy eating, work/life

Contact: 614-292-1050

Additional Programs for Staff who are also Students:

Student Legal Services  

Student Conduct

Student Advocacy

Student Service Center

Student Wellness Center